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Please DO NOT PARK on 4th street to pick up your child or drop your child off in this area. This causes a massive amount of traffic backing up and is dangerous to back out into the on coming traffic. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
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Help us keep everyone safe!
Please follow the correct procedure from dropping off and picking up you children

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Please always remember your child's pick up tag in order to pick your child up from school.  No child will be released without this tag.  This is a safety precaution for you and your child.  Please do not drop off, park, etc. on 4th street as this causes dangerous traffic issues. 
Thank you for your cooperation!! 
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SUPPLY LIST FOR KINDERGARTEN Click The Photo of the backpack above!

It may take awhile to load as there are pictures of actual items to clarify what is requested.  Thank you!


Top of PageWhat is Kindergarten all About? By James L. Humes, Jr. ED.D
There is a lot of misunderstanding today about kindergartens.
 I'd like to pass on a few ideas for you to mull over about what a kindergarten looks like and why;

and what it is supposed to do.  I hope you find the ideas interesting and perhaps they may set to rest some questions you have.


One of the troubles in understanding kindergartens is that we all remember best what school was like in the years not too far behind us--our high school days, 5th and 6th grades:  sitting, themselves answering the teacher's questions, getting a grade, doing  homework....

That is school, upper grade school.  But kindergarten isn't like that.  Kindergarten is a school for 5 year olds--that is the important point.

And I don't need to tell you that your Five is very different from your upper-grade youngsters.  So:  Kindergarten looks different.  It sounds different.  Kindergarten has a whole different style.  It is for Fives.  It is geared to Fives.  It is custom-made to fit children of this particular age.

The key question, then is:  What are Fives like?  For one thing, although they talk big and brave, inside of themselves Fives are VERY soft.  They are essentially shy.  They put on a show of big, but they know that the world is pretty overwhelming, they are timid, even the toughest of them.

A school for these children-a school for beginners- has to be a gentle school.  It has to be a warm and friendly school.  Kindergarten can't and must not be a place that overpowers youngsters and pushes them back.


This means that the size of a kindergarten is important.  A kindergarten shouldn't have the feel of an auditorium or stadium.  It means that children should be able to spend a lot of their time in little groups-two or three children together, or even working alone- so they can be at ease.  And of course, the soft tone and good spirit of the teacher are exceedingly significant!

What else about Fives?  A note that always strikes me is that they are doers!  They are forever on the go.  They are into everything.  Their nature will change as they grow older (even by the end of the year) but right now, Fives are not good sitters;  they are not youngsters who can keep quiet for a very long time, and they are not good listeners either.  Instead, they have another quite wonderful quality:  They want to see and do for themselves.


What does this mean for a kindergarten?  It means that the emphasis has to be on reality and on action:  on animals, on jobs the children do,  on activities they carry out on trips they take, on workers of all kinds in the community.  The emphasis has to be on chances for children to use their hands and to work tools:  magnets, magnifying glasses, work with .

What looks like with playthings:  clay, blocks, paint, puzzles, sand.....
Kindergarten is not a place for teaching children by talking at them, not a place for grownup lectures.  It is a place where active children are involved in the goings-on.  Fives learn BEST that way!

James L. Hymes Jr. is a Past President of the National Association for the Education of young children.


Our mission is to provide an environment that is loving, safe and instructionally strong so that all students can grow mentally and socially for a successful academic future.

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Just a reminder that if your child is ill with a temperature, they MUST be 24 hours without a temperature to return to school.  This helps us keep sickness at a minimum and from spreading at school.  Thank you for your cooperation! 

It is not what you do for your children,

but what you have taught them to do for themselves,
that will make them successful human beings.
~Ann Landers
The gift of knowledge only comes when the gift of discipline is with it. ~Unknown Author
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We are always looking for educational opportunities within our area for our students.  If you have, or know of someone who might have, an adventure for our students, please email through this link the information.   Fieldtrip Opportunities
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Please be sure to listen to check the PISD website ( or KEYE or KXDJ radio as well as watch the Amarillo News stations for information on Late Starts and School closings. 

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   Thank you to all of the Veterans past, present and future! 

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